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Snowdon Guardian Compounding Pharmacy was first opened in 1906 by Charles (Charlie) Snowdon at Grace and College Street in the west end of Toronto.

In 1939, his son Charles (Ted) Snowdon became a pharmacist.  Ted later bought the pharmacy at 264 Bloor Street West in the Medical Arts Building where it still stands today, (now named the Jackman Humanities building when purchased by the University of Toronto).

In 1970 James E.G. Snowdon graduated from the University of Toronto as a pharmacist and has continued the tradition of three generations.

At Guardian Pharmacy we are family operated; our service to you is our top priority. Guardian Pharmacy is not just your average pharmacy, we compound medication for your custom needs. We work directly with doctors to optimize your medical treatment.

Conventional medication may not work for everyone, so we work with you to find a treatment option specialized for you.

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