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About Us

Snowdon Hear Health

At Guardian Pharmacy all our pharmacists are registered with a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree. We are trained to dispense prescription medication, provide counseling on over-the-counter medication, compound custom medication, and give injections.

Guardian Pharmacy is always prepared to serve your needs. As an independent pharmacy, we strive to always provide our patients with priority service and exceptional quality from the second they walk through the door.

Unlike conventional corporate pharmacies, we work diligently with patients and give them the detailed time they need to ensure their experience is heartfelt.

Our team will always aim to go the extra mile for our patients to ensure they live an exceptional quality of life.

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We help create custom medication directly suited to your health needs.

Meds Review

We can help go over all your medication and explain everything you need to know.


All our pharmacists are certified to give injections from flu shot to shingrix, twinrix and more.


We offer delivery directly to your door everyday from Monday to Saturday